From an early age, Bianca Barreto has lived a creative life. Her mother, a landscape designer, always encouraged her to explore her creative talents from pottery to classical ballet. Her father, a civil engineer, taught Bianca how math and geometry could help her in sketching and sculpting her work and since then the Arts have been at the forefront of her life and career. 

Bianca has a BA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Art Education and over 12 years of teaching experience. In 2012, she created her brand Madame Criativa and the blog, where she posts unique DIY tutorials. Madame  Criative achieved great success and gained over 400,000 followers in less than 2 years.  She has been featured on magazines, blogs and TV shows in the United States, United Kingdom and Brazil. 

Bianca is passionate about sharing her love of Art and has a special talent of entertaining students of all ages and finding simple ways to explain different techniques and concepts. She believes that everybody should have a chance to express themselves through the Arts and that learning the right techniques can help people to achieve the most creative and truthful artistic experience.