Chad Farran

Owner | percussion | production

Chad Farran is an accomplished performer, producer and recording engineer in San Diego, creating music for TV shows, album projects, and bands. He has won several San Diego music awards for both his solo and band work, and took home an award for Best Soundtrack at the 12th annual Independent Music Awards for his album,  On Surfari Sessions Vol 2.

His work as a multi-instrumentalist and producer led him to many international destinations, but the powerful rhythms of Brazil ultimately captured his attention.  He studied with Brazilian master drummers on several occasions and brought back traditional drums to San Diego and formed the drum ensemble, Maracatu Jangada. The group has performed at many San Diego venues and festivals, showcasing the infectious rhythms of Northeastern Brazil. 

After meeting Natasha Kozaily and working with her on several album projects, the two decided to share their love for music performance and teaching by opening Kalabash School of the Arts. Using their unique talent and experience, Chad and Natasha hope to bring their passion to the community through education, entertainment and engagement.