Art instructor Danica Molenaar comes from a family of artists, art educators, and skilled craftsmen. She studied art and music in high school at Coronado School of the Arts. She is a self-taught classical pianist and fine-tuned this skill, along with guitar, clarinet, and voice, while studying at CoSA.

After graduating high school in 2006, Danica was awarded the Principal’s Scholarship to attend San Francisco Art Institute, a small, private fine arts college famous for its New Genres and Performance Arts programs. During her time there, Danica explored the mediums of digital media, film, sound sculpture, and performance art. In 2010, while living and studying in Portland, Oregon, Danica developed an arts organization called Magic Brotherhood, designed as an art event-planning service and platform for artists, art educators, musicians, and curators to connect with one another.

Danica returned home to San Diego in 2013 to be closer to her family. She continues the Magic Brotherhood identity, curating two spaces in San Diego since her return. In addition to being a regularly showing painter and part-time educator, she performs regularly in three bands.  In her free time, she uses her passion for life to meditate, go on road trips, camp, volunteer, and keep a journal of observations about the world around her.