Andrew has been a musician for more than half his life, predominantly as a guitar player yet also playing percussion, piano, and french horn at an early age. All of this music developed a strong affinity for songwriting. This passion lead Andrew into musical groups that did a great deal of non-union touring all over the states, Canada, and Europe. After consistently touring for six years Andrew decided to pursue another passion developed in high school, acting. In 2012, he began studying theatre and more recently graduated (2017) from UCSD with a B.A. in Theatre. Since graduation Andrew has began to develop himself as a local artist, theatre practitioner, and teacher. In the past year he has worked with many local theaters, theatre companies, and educational institutions including: Blindspot Collective, Bocón Arts, Point Loma Nazarene University, CYT, the Lyceum, the Old Globe, the OB Playhouse, OnStage Playhouse, Coronado Playhouse, and more. Andrew is extremely excited and honored to play a part in the creation of handmade theatre at Kalabash!