Hello! My name is Lily. I’m 5 years of age. I’ve been learning piano, and singing for 12 months. I love it because of Miss Nancy! She’s so cool because she is special. My favorite part about Kalabash is the piano. One day I hope to be a rock star. I love the sound of the piano. I like the look of the drums. I like the taste of pistachios and goldfish. I like the feeling of my mommy’s skin. If I could teleport anywhere in the world it’d be New York because I have never been before and I want to check it out. Advice to my fellow humans: Don’t be bossy!


We are happy to announce Lily as our Featured Student! This is what her teacher has to say about her:

“Lily has such a heart for music. She allows her creativity and imagination to lead her through her singing and piano playing. She works hard in an effortless way because she always allows the hard and sometimes repetitive work to be fun and exciting! Lily steps outside of her comfort zone and does things that she may have never done before, or may initially think is silly, hard or scary because she trusts herself, and knows that with hard work, you can get better at anything! Lily is a Rock Star!!”
  -Nancy Ross

Summer Adventures

The summer is sprinting by and there is much left to do! In the midst of the summer camps, beach trips, and travels, take a moment to enjoy the wonderful city where we all live! San Diego has so much to offer, and our teachers have put together a list of their favorite gems around the city. Take a look and let us know which places you enjoyed!

balboa park painting.png

Antojitos Colombianos- try arepa con queso at this Colombian restaurant in Logan Heights

Cafe Bassam- stop by for tea and baklava in Hillcrest

Marian Bear Memorial Park- escape from the city into these trails located under the 805

It’s Raw Poke Shop- try out some Hawaiian food in Ocean Beach

Pho Duyen Mai- a highly rated Vietnamese restaurant in Kearny Mesa

Friends of Cats- cat shelter where you can go and play with the cats for free and even adopt!

Liberty Public Market- hip eateries, specialty food & craft vendors hidden in Liberty Station

Sunday Family Film Nights- films shown in the Piazza della Famiglia in Little Italy

Awash Ethiopian Market + Restaurant- try traditional Ethiopian food on El Cajon Boulevard

Sea Cave Kayaking in La Jolla- no experience required! Kayak through the caves!

Little Italy Mercato Farmers’ Market- Saturdays from 8am-2pm on W. Date Street from Kettner Blvd to Front St

“if we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet…”

-Rachel wolchin

One with Yoko Ono!

With the joy and memory of our wonderful David Byrne celebration still swimming in our heads, we are thrilled to announce our next event of the same spirit! This fall we’ll be diving into the art, performance and song of Yoko Ono. Now, you might not know much about this prolific female artist, maybe you just think of her as Lennon’s wife? No judgments from us…You’ve got time and we’ve got resources to help you discover and fall in love with the one and only Yoko. For starters…take a listen to this hand picked playlist of some of our favorite jams for all ages!

The Days of May

May is almost upon us and with it comes many things!

The fairies come out in May (shhh don’t scare them away)

The light lingers longer in the leaves of the trees, and the birds start looking for places to have families

The summer sun starts to peak through, ice cream cones start to leak ice cream goo

Watermelons fill the grocery stores and children come bursting out of school doors

Let’s celebrate as light fills the air. Here are some fun May ideas to share!


May 3- No Pants Day- No pants? No problem! What can you wear instead today?

May 4- Star Wars Day- May the Force be with you on May the Fourth! Check out these San Diego events and whatever you do, don’t spend the day Solo!

May 5- Cinco de Mayo- Celebrate a turning point in history for our neighboring country, Mexico! Living in San Diego, we are so close to Mexico… How can we show our support? Locally, of course! Go out and support local Mexican businesses today!

May 9- Lost Sock Memorial Day- Hold a few seconds of silence for all the socks you’ve lost, then use the remaining socks as cloths, create sock monkeys, or turn the old socks in to a cloth recycling center!

May 10- Clean Up Your Room Day- Yes parents, this is a real day! Make cleaning fun! Put on some music, dance around, and give out rewards for milestones crossed - fastest time taken to clean, best organizer, and room with the least dust!

May 11- Eat What You Want Day- Ever wondered what mustard on donuts would taste like? Today is the day to try it!

May 12- Mothers’ Day- None of us would be here without our wonderful mothers. Show your love for your Mama today, and every day! Let her presence in your heart ring out and spread light!

May 14- Dance Like a Chicken Day- This is self explanatory… Go out and dance like a chicken!

May 15- Chocolate Chip Day- Add chocolate chips to all your meals today! Did you know that chocolate (well, cacao beans) was once used as currency by the Aztecs? Now the chocolate industry is a $50 billion a year business!

May 18- No Dirty Dishes Day- Either don’t wash any dirty dishes today, or make sure you wash all your dishes so you don’t have any dirty dishes today! Take it how you like!

May 21- Talk Like Yoda Day- Simple, it is. Do it, you can! Very proud, Yoda would be.

May 22- Buy a Musical Instrument Day- To our music students: What better day to practice your instrument than today?! Is there another instrument you’re interested in? Go out and fulfill your musical dreams!

May 25- Sing Out Day- Today is your day to sing out, as loud as you can! Wherever you are!

May 28- Hamburger Day- Host a backyard BBQ and have a hamburger with some friends!

May 31- Macaroon Day- Learn how to make these delicious treats, or stop by The French Gourmet on Turquoise Street to pick up one of their pastries!

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hello! My name is Nathan. I’m 9 years of age. I’ve been learning guitar for 13 months. I love it because all my favorite songs can be played on it! My teacher's name is Nick. He's so cool because we both like songs from videogames. My favorite part about Kalabash is that there are a lot of instruments. One day I hope to play the Zelda: Breath of the Wild song. I like the sound of birds chirping. I like the look of the ocean. I like the taste of spicy things. I like the feeling of knowing the song by heart. If I could teleport anywhere in the world it’d be Bora Bora because I’ve been wanting to go since I was 4. Advice to my fellow humans: I really like the guitar so I think you should play it too!


We are happy to announce Nathan as our Featured Student! This is what his teacher has to say about him:

“Nathan has been an amazing student since day one. He’s very attentive and enthusiastic about learning guitar, and always brings fun and interesting stories to share during class. Lately we’ve been learning a ton of video game music, which is also some of my favorite. I’m excited to see his skills and interests develop as a musician.”
  -Nick Montemarano


Hello! My name is Diego. I’m 9 years of age. I’ve been learning music production for six months. I love it because I can create my own songs! My teacher's name is Alex. He's so cool because he helps me compose music. My favorite part about Kalabash is creating songs. One day I hope to compose my own music. I like the sound of my songs. I like the look of the beach in New Caledonia. I like the taste of sushi. I like the feel of dogs’ fur. If I could teleport anywhere in the world it’d be New Caledonia because it is beautiful. Advice to my fellow humans is that you should go to Kalabash!

Check out Diego’s latest original song and music video below!

We are happy to announce Diego as our student of the month! This is what his teacher has to say about him:

I have really enjoyed getting to know Diego over the last few months because he is an intelligent, witty, and creative student. Diego suggests great ideas for his songs! His music-making skills have really improved and I look forward to continue working with him and hearing what he comes up with!   -Alex Arango

PLAYLIST: Songs in Winter

We know we have it lucky with our sunny holiday season here in San Diego. But just for fun, we put together a playlist filled with snow songs and white winters and cozy fires. From Dean Martin to Fairouz to Trans-Siberian Orchestra, it’s sure to inspire snowy thoughts. Enjoy this white winter themed playlist, curl up with a hot chocolate enjoy the snowfall, either real or imaginary.


A Handmade Summer of Theatre + Magic!

Wow! What an incredible summer of camps! We had a blast creating the different magical worlds for each of our handmade theatre camps from The Secret Garden to A Wrinkle in Time and Fantastic Mr. Fox. There were so many meaningful moments and the creativity, love and passion that all our teachers, students and parents put into it was remarkable. Here are some moments captured! We can't wait till next time :)

PC: Madame Criativa and Dorka Hegedus


Hello! My name is Fenton. I’m 12 years of age. I’ve been learning music production for two months. i love it because it's fun and there are so many possibilities. My teacher's name is Alex. He's so cool because he teaches me a lot and we have a lot of fun doing it My favorite part about Kalabash is this class. One day i hope to produce music. I like the sound of Hip Hop. I like the look of album cover art I like the taste of cake. I like the feel of a fader at my fingers If i could teleport anywhere in the world it’d be Hawaii because I love the Island spirit and the beautiful water Advice to my fellow humans is: Learn to appreciate music!

IMG_9798 (1).JPG

We are happy to announce Fenton Daly as our student of the month! This is what his teacher has to say about him:

Fenton is an exceptionally motivated student who comes in each week eager to learn. I really appreciate the initiative he takes to learn. Fenton is a smart student and a cool person and i feel privileged to be able to teach him.  - Alex Arango