Featured Student: Kiana

The look of: the beach

The sound of: music

The taste of: sushi

The feel of: my dog

Advice to my fellow humans: Haters are just confused admirers.

Meet Kiana! She likes her dog, the taste of sushi, the look of the beach and the sound of music. Her dream destination is the Philipines and she's our featured student of the week! She's been learning the piano for 5 years and she says she likes Kalabash because of the awesome teachers, especially her current piano teacher Natasha who makes her laugh on the regular. We think Kiana is a super student and here is what her teacher has to say...

Kiana is a joy to teach. She always shows up to class having practiced above and beyond what is expected of her and a big smile on her face. Because of her great work ethic she has progressed tremendously this year! I’m impressed to see how quickly she accomplishes challenging pieces and we always have a lot fun together!”

Well done Kiana! We hope you continue to fill our school and the world with your beautiful playing for many years to come!