The Days of May

May is almost upon us and with it comes many things!

The fairies come out in May (shhh don’t scare them away)

The light lingers longer in the leaves of the trees, and the birds start looking for places to have families

The summer sun starts to peak through, ice cream cones start to leak ice cream goo

Watermelons fill the grocery stores and children come bursting out of school doors

Let’s celebrate as light fills the air. Here are some fun May ideas to share!


May 3- No Pants Day- No pants? No problem! What can you wear instead today?

May 4- Star Wars Day- May the Force be with you on May the Fourth! Check out these San Diego events and whatever you do, don’t spend the day Solo!

May 5- Cinco de Mayo- Celebrate a turning point in history for our neighboring country, Mexico! Living in San Diego, we are so close to Mexico… How can we show our support? Locally, of course! Go out and support local Mexican businesses today!

May 9- Lost Sock Memorial Day- Hold a few seconds of silence for all the socks you’ve lost, then use the remaining socks as cloths, create sock monkeys, or turn the old socks in to a cloth recycling center!

May 10- Clean Up Your Room Day- Yes parents, this is a real day! Make cleaning fun! Put on some music, dance around, and give out rewards for milestones crossed - fastest time taken to clean, best organizer, and room with the least dust!

May 11- Eat What You Want Day- Ever wondered what mustard on donuts would taste like? Today is the day to try it!

May 12- Mothers’ Day- None of us would be here without our wonderful mothers. Show your love for your Mama today, and every day! Let her presence in your heart ring out and spread light!

May 14- Dance Like a Chicken Day- This is self explanatory… Go out and dance like a chicken!

May 15- Chocolate Chip Day- Add chocolate chips to all your meals today! Did you know that chocolate (well, cacao beans) was once used as currency by the Aztecs? Now the chocolate industry is a $50 billion a year business!

May 18- No Dirty Dishes Day- Either don’t wash any dirty dishes today, or make sure you wash all your dishes so you don’t have any dirty dishes today! Take it how you like!

May 21- Talk Like Yoda Day- Simple, it is. Do it, you can! Very proud, Yoda would be.

May 22- Buy a Musical Instrument Day- To our music students: What better day to practice your instrument than today?! Is there another instrument you’re interested in? Go out and fulfill your musical dreams!

May 25- Sing Out Day- Today is your day to sing out, as loud as you can! Wherever you are!

May 28- Hamburger Day- Host a backyard BBQ and have a hamburger with some friends!

May 31- Macaroon Day- Learn how to make these delicious treats, or stop by The French Gourmet on Turquoise Street to pick up one of their pastries!

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson