Erin is a California native and was born and raised in Los Angeles. She began classical training and evaluations in piano performance and music theory at the age of six, completing the Certificate of Merit program from the Music Teacher’s Association of California after ten years. Continuing her education after high school, she attended UC San Diego for four years, studying international studies and sociology with a focus in race, gender, and human rights and finding her passion for social activism and social justice. She also had the opportunity to study at universities - as well as intern and volunteer with non-profit organizations - in South Africa, Spain, and Ireland. Throughout college and after graduating in 2016, Erin has continued to work as an educator in elementary schools, music/enrichment programs, mentoring, and more in the San Diego community – always finding a natural groove and profound joy in interacting with and working with children.

She is overjoyed to be a part of the Kalabash team and to use her classical music training as a foundation to experiment creatively with teaching, as well as to take on exciting territory with trying out different music styles and exploring her own artistry – as she believes no one is ever done learning or growing! Erin is passionate about educating and empowering young minds and fostering creativity, confidence, positivity, and holistic health. She is also a kid’s yoga teacher, writes and does marketing work freelance, and volunteers with various organizations that are devoted to serving underrepresented and marginalized populations in the community and beyond.  Her other unmentioned joys include traveling, hiking, nature, cooking, and language study.