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Passports: Australia

February 11, 2017 — Music of Australia

In his entertaining, educational, and inspiring presentation, Randin Graves uses pictures, video, live performance, and storytelling to enlighten about this sacred Aboriginal instrument, the didgeridoo, and the culture that invented it, while sharing his own journey from American suburbs to a remote corner of Australia and back.

Artist Bio:

Randin Graves is a full time, award-winning film composer and Fulbright fellow with diverse influences and skills, delivering popular (and very unusual) genres of film and television music from his professional home studio. Equally at home in classical and pop music worlds, he holds a B.A. cum laude in music composition from the well-regarded new music program at the University of California at San Diego, and has played in rock, electronica, folk, reggae, funk, jazz and world fusion bands. He plays guitar, keyboards, the Japanese koto, and is world renowned as an expert on the Australian didgeridoo, having sold CDs and influenced players on every continent - including Antarctica.


Each program will be an intimate lecture-demonstration and mini-concert, in which the audience will have opportunity to interact with the artists. Having introduced us to their art form, the artists will perform a number of pieces.

5:30pm – Doors open.
6:00pm – Performance begins. Casual reception immediately following performance.

TICKETS $20/$15 Kalabash Students

This is a casual BYOB event. Feel free to bring refreshments for yourself and your friends.