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Brazilian Forró Dance Workshop

March 25 @ 7:00pm -  $10

Come learn one of the most popular dances of Brazil...Forró! Join our dance instructors,  Clarisse Ricci and Daniel Ribeiro as they guide you through this fun and exciting dance class.  

Most people think of Brazilian music as either the booty shaking Samba beat or the super loungy Bossa Nova groove. But there is another type of music, and it's one or our favorites.  It's called Forró (pronounced foh ho) and is one of the most popular music and dance style from the Northeastern regions of Brazil.

Legend has it that back in the early 1900's, English engineers on the Great Western Railway of Brazil would throw parties on weekends and classify them as either private or for the general public("for all"). The named was mispronounced by the Portuguese speakers and thus became Forró!

Lucky for us, San Diego has a thriving Brazilian music and dance scene and we are thrilled to bring a bit of it to Kalabash.  Come join us and learn the Forró dance this Friday at 7pm.


Since 2010, Daniel Ribeiro has been working as a Forró dance teacher, developing a unique dancing and teaching style, and exploring and mixing elements from different styles of Forró. 

Clarisse Ricci started her dancing experience from a young age, but fell in love with Forró in 2013, which she has adopted as her main dance. Their style strongly emphasizes a close connection between partners, revealing many movements and possibilities without dissolving the embrace.

Besides teaching and performing throughout Brazil, they have recently launched their international career by teaching workshops and sharing their work in Argentina and USA. Daniel lives in São Paulo (Brazil), where he’s in close contact with Forró and other Latin dances such as Samba and Tango.

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