Introducing Singer-Songwriter Shyah Preiss

We are thrilled to introduce you to this phenomenal young singer-songwriter straight out of Bird Rock! We first met Shyah Preiss when she joined us for our 12 week songwriting and recording workshop with artist-teacher Natasha Kozaily and music producer Chad Farran. Shyah is an extraordinary young talent and we are thrilled to feature her and her song "Any Given Moment" which she wrote and recorded during our workshop at Kalabash last fall. Read our Q&A with Shyah below and then go ahead and press play! We can't promise that you won't get swept away.

Tell us about your musical background?

I've been playing guitar for about ten years and singing for as long as I can I recall. However, I only began to write pieces that I liked enough to share with others a few years ago.

biggest ARTISTIC influences?

Two of my greatest musical influences are: Stevie Wonder and Ed Sheeran.

What/Who inspires you the most? 

My friends, schoolmates, family members, mainly the people in my life are my greatest source of musical inspiration. I think humans are beautiful, alluring and imperfectly perfect.

favorite food?


Who's on repeat right now?

I've been constantly listening to "All I Do" by Stevie Wonder and several different pieces from Troye Sivan's album "Blue Neighborhood."

What are your aspirations for the future?

When I am no longer a being of tender youth I hope to get a job that allows me to write every single day. I am not exactly sure of what kind of job that will be but I am continuing to search for it. Also, I'd like to travel the world and learn just how many cities one is capable of falling in love with.

Dream destination?

Without a doubt; Rome, Italy

Spirit animal? 

This has always been a difficult question for me to answer, for I identify with every animal I've ever seen. I am them, they are me, we all are one.