Hello! My name is Kai I’m eight years of age. I’ve been learning cowboys serenade for one month. i love it because it only uses 4 notes My teacher's name is Natasha. She’s so cool because she wears so many kinds of new clothes. My favorite part about Kalabash is learning to do piano One day i hope to learn more complicated songs I like the sound of my cat purr I like the look of swans I like the taste of mango I like the feel of my cats fur When I grow up I want to be a butterfly scientist because I want to study where they go Advice to my fellow humans is:     to have fun!

We are happy to announce Kai as our student of October! Here's what her teacher Natasha has to say about her:

"Kai is an exceptional little human being and I adore teaching her. She always comes to her lesson prepared, excited to learn and looking fly! I'm always impressed at how she approaches challenging pieces with determination and optimism!
Once she brought in a butterfly she saved that had a damaged wing and we wrote a piano piece for it. A week later she returned with the good news that the butterfly had healed and flew away. She's not only making sure the world is full of butterflies but she's filling it music as well!"