New Teacher Feature: Laurie Nasica

Favorite Food: Pasta
Dream Destination: Iceland
Favorite Song Right Now: Diane Coffee - Down with the Current
Spirit Animal: Cat

Laurie is our new resident artist-teacher and boy are we happy to welcome such a talented and awesome human being to our Kalabash team. She will be leading a new art class on Wednesdays at 5pm teaching teens all about illustration, drawing and zine making magic! Come join in the fun and read more about Laurie and peak some of her beautiful illustrations below!

Laurie grew up in Provence, a region of southeastern France; her curious mind took her to San Diego where she has been residing for the past seven years. Passionate about human rights and visual arts, she earned a Master’s degree in International Relations from San Diego State University while spending every free unit she had in the Art Department developing her craft. Her creative nature and love of cultural diversity inspired her to pass on her passion for the Arts and encourage people of all backgrounds to get in touch with their creative side. Laurie specializes in illustration and drawing. She regularly takes part in events organized by the local art community and her work has been featured in several art shows and galleries throughout San Diego.

When she is not creating or spending time with Harold, her feline sidekick, Laurie enjoys exploring new places and anything likely to satisfy her travel bug!