Hello! My name is Lucas Landsberg. I’m eleven years of age. I’ve been learning the alto saxophone for two years. i love it because I like the types of sounds it makes and the music it’s in. My teacher's name is Stefanie. She’s so cool because she’s nice and encouraging me to do a lot of new and exciting things. I wouldn’t have made it without her. My favorite part about Kalabash is how nice, friendly, and open minded they are. One day i hope to become a pro sax player and a doctor like my father and grandfather before me. I like the sound of the high and low pitch notes the alto sax can play. I like the look of my teacher when I walk into lessons with her big smile. I like the taste of the reed as it goes up against my lip and tongue. I like the feel of the bright and friendly atmosphere of Kalabash. If i could teleport anywhere in the world it’d be Japan because I like their culture and their food. Advice to my fellow humans is: You should always try something new like an instrument because it fills the empty space in your life

We are happy to announce Lucas Landsberg as our student of the summer! Not only did he continue his saxophone lessons with Stefanie he picked up a new instrument and started learning the piano with Clinton too! This is what his teacher has to say about him:

Lucas is an awesome student and human being! You may have seen him performing at our Open Mics sporting a sharp blazer and great confidence. Whether we are playing duets, writing songs, or learning Men at Work tunes together, I always look forward hanging and playing with Lucas. He arrives with a positive attitude each week ready to work hard and laugh about "pulling a high one" (his term for squeaking). Lucas, you rock! Keep on playin' that sax. -Stefanie