Hello! My name is Kaelin MacDonald I’m seven years of age. I’ve been learning art for six months. I love it because I like to draw and paint My teacher's name is Laurie. She’s so cool because she is the best at teaching art. My favorite part about Kalabash is art One day i hope to become a famous artist I like the sound of the music in the other room I like the look of the Art and Music rooms I like the taste of spaghetti I like the feel of my 4 dogs Megan, Cora, Frank and Cali If i could teleport anywhere in the world it’d be Alaska because I like all the snow places Advice to my fellow humans is be the best you can!

Words from her teacher:

"Kaelin’s is a natural! Her inquisitive mind and endless imagination always contributes to turning our exploration of the visual arts into a wild adventure! She always surprises me with her great sense of artistic composition and ability to think outside the box.
Not only is Kaelin a talented artist, she is also a kind one: her compassion and care for others shows through her art. Kaelin, you rock and it is a pleasure to be your teacher! Keep inspiring us!"