Laura Blythman Inspired Landscape Collage

Our little artists have been exploring the colorful world of Melbourne based contemporary artist Laura Blythman and they are big fans! We love her patterns, her dreamy sky collages and her colorful landscapes!  Laura was so kind to agree to do a little interview and answer our Little Artists questions, thank you for inspiring us!

Barrett: Why do you use black dots on top of the mountains?

Little black dots are one of my favourite textures and pattern. And in my imagination there should always be dotty mountains.

Barrett: What do you eat for breakfast?

I eat 2 Weetbix with milk and a cup of tea. Do you have Weetbix in America?

Ella: Why do you paint clouds pink?

I love pink clouds! the sky look magical when the sun sets or rises and the clouds turn pink.

Barrett: Why are there many mountains in your paintings?

I just really love mountains. I love to go to the mountains and I love to look at mountains.

Ella: Your clouds look like cotton candy. Do you like cotton candy?

Oh! I LOVE cotton candy. It is so sweet and fun. Once I tried Cotton Candy that had sparkles and sprinkles in it. They called it Unicorn Poop!

Ella: When did you start making beautiful art?

I started when I was your age. *Look at the photos I have attached :)

Barrett: Why did you grow up to be an artist?

Because it makes me so happy and it is important to do whatever makes you happy in life.

To realize this project we created and painted a variety of black and white patterns (dots, hearts, stripes, zigzags etc) along with two watercolor wash. We cut out mountain shapes in our painted sheets of paper and assembled all the pieces and glued them on a black paper background to create our landscape collage! Et voila!