We are thrilled to introduce you to our student of the month, Bob! It is always a pleasure to have him walk through our studio doors, always smiling, always making us smile. Here at Kalabash we welcome students of all ages to learn and get creative with us because it's never too early or late to learn something new and follow your dreams! We asked Bob to fill out a little questionnaire so we can introduce you to this awesome human being! Congrats Bob, keep playing that blues and shinning bright!

Hello! My name is Bob I am 80 years of age. My favorite animal is a Golden Retriever and I love the color Blue. If I could teleport anywhere in the world It’d be Indonesia (Bali). I came to Kalabash to learn how to play the piano and some of my goals are to play St Louis Blues (My mother’s favorite song + one of mine) and at least five other blues.

I can’t stop listening to all of Eric Clapton + Dave Brubeck - Take Five. I like the sound of many instruments (piano, guitar, sax, drums). I like the look of the ocean (ever changing). I like the taste of complex entrees. I like the feel of cotton + silk and if there is one more thing i’d like you to know about me it’s I’m adventurous! I’ve visited 41 countries and 38 states in USA so far!