Hello! My name is Caitlin I’m ten years of age. I’ve been learning singing and guitar for one year. i love it because I can learn and focus on singing or guitar when im feeling down or just for fun My teacher's name is Lexi. She’s so cool because she is encouraging and helpful and just sweet. My favorite part about Kalabash is that I can learn music and have fun One day i hope to become a famous singer and guitar player I like the sound of my voice and the guitar as they meet I like the look of lyrics and the guitar body itself I like the taste of the air going in and out of my mouth I like the feel of finishing a hard project especially if it is really really hard If i could teleport anywhere in the world it’d be a tropical island because I would just have fun there Advice to my fellow humans follow your heart and find your dream hobbie and it might come true

We are happy to announce Caitlin as our student of December! Here's what her teacher Lexi has to say about her:

Caitlin’s broad range of musical pursuits keeps our lessons fresh and dynamic. She always surprises me with her interests, from the high-intensity rhythmic raps of Nicki Minaj to the sweet, melodies of Taylor Swift. Just a few months ago, Caitlin took on the challenge of learning guitar, and she is currently working toward a performance at her school’s talent show where she will be playing and singing! It’s a pleasure to assist her musical expansion and support such a passionate musician.