Hello! My name is Jacob Cravatt. I’m nine years of age. I’ve been learning piano for 14 months. I love it because I love it because it’s fun to make many cool sounds. My teacher's name is Erin. She’s so cool because she’s awesome at teaching and a great piano player. My favorite part about Kalabash is their music is challenging but fun. One day i hope to become a professional piano player. I like the sound of music. I like the look of patterns. I like the taste of mac and cheese. I like the feel of my dog’s fur. If i could teleport anywhere in the world it’d be Paris because they have great art. Advice to my fellow humans is: Erin is awesome.

We are happy to announce Jacob as our student of November! Here's what his teacher Erin has to say about him:

"Jacob’s enthusiasm, humor and fearless nature make him an absolute pleasure to teach. He is excited to progress and take on more difficult songs week after week, and continuously shows growth when we work on music theory, improvisation, and ear training as well. I never have to remind him to practice - as he is happy to! Everyone at Kalabash - especially his teacher loves having his smiling face come in every week for lessons”